Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cut with the point, part II

Cutting with the point rather than the wrist is also fairly crucial in getting the true-edge cut from the Master of the sword in one hand to work. (That cut in the Syllabus Form, you know?)


Ilkka's course in Bolognaise swordsmanship ended in a feast of spaghetti Bolognaise (made by Ken, in other words very good). has footage. (No, not spaghetti footage.) Spot yours truly standing around, wiggling her butt and looking girlish. [Forehead, meet table.]

It was an excellent course, giving solid basics in the system and drilling those basics in deep enough that even I might actually remember some of it in half a year's time. I actually liked the fact that we had "rest weeks" in between (especially as I would have been forced to miss three classes, as opposed to none, otherwise - sometimes life really works out :) because this way, the training was spread out over a longer period of time and the ol' brain cells were activated and reactivated more times. But then I'm just a super-slow learner.

I hope I'll be able to attend the next course that Ilkka is promising to give - in the autumn, was it? Bolognaise, Part Deux.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Health conquers

I'm taking Ilkka's brilliant Bolognaise course, but I've been having some bad luck with injuries and illness. Today I managed to stick out the entire class for the second time during the course. Yay!

(Of course, when I got home my stomach started aching badly enough to bend me double, my throat became sore, and I suspect that elbow will be mad at me tomorrow, but still...)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cut with the point

I've picked up an annoying tendency to cut not with the point but with the hands, or wrists. Today after an insight into the mechanics of it all I tested the two types of cuts on a tyre. There was no appreciable difference in the power conveyed, but the wristy cut bounced all over the place while the point cut stayed on target. Interesting effect.