Friday, October 02, 2009

Using someone else's sword

That's what I'm doing now. That's what I should have done when I asked a guy who is two meters tall and wears about 100 kg of muscle to come at me with a really hard mezano cut, against which I then defended with appropriate force. This resulted in my sword coming apart so that the tang broke and the pommel came off. Of course I should have made sure to prevent such an impact when the swords crossed.

It was a three-year-old spada da zhogo, polished to a nice shine by Jan and engraved with my personal insignia, so I do feel its loss a bit... But then again, now I get to have a new sword as soon as I can afford one! I know just what I want: something a bit heavier in the blade to keep me in line and lend a bit of authority to the proceedings. In the meantime, I get much-needed practice with different kinds of blade.

EDIT: added pics.