Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Centre and balance

The key to balance is finding the centre, rather like the balance point of a sword is found by balancing it on one finger and finding the place where letting go with your other hand doesn't cause the sword to fall on the floor with a godawful noise. Finding your own balance point, your centre, is similar.

I have terrible balance. Guy agrees, the instructor at the yoga class I took agrees, my mother agrees, and anyone who has seen me stumbling against doorframes or spill drinks or simply sway suddenly when standing quietly in line in class will agree. You may say this is a problem in my inner ear. I'm not saying you're not right, but improving my balance doesn't require inner ear surgery.

The key to finding my centre, my balance point, (and this is personal - you may well have your own key, and if you'd like to tell me in comments what it is I would be very interested) is figuring out what things are part of me and what things are not part of me. This is one of those Big Life Lessons for me, because I have a poor sense of personal boundaries. So if I manage to define my boundaries, say clearly for example: "That chair is on the outside; that person is on the outside; this arm is on the inside; this head is on the inside...", then my brain knows what are valid objects to try to adjust and align in order to achieve balance.