Saturday, August 22, 2015

Boob armour

I hope to do freeplay one day again, so although breast protection isn't really topical for me right now (can't do pair drills with my knee anyway, and I've never needed breast protection for just longsword drills--rapier, yes, but not longsword) I'd like to get started on thinking about it. Because it's a problem.

I used to have a plastic chest protector (an older model of this), and I suppose it's still lying around in the salle somewhere, free for use. It fits okay, which is a miracle, but it's so wide that I can't properly move my arms and especially low guards are affected. It puts a damper on one's freeplay not to be able to take posta breve or porta di ferro, so maybe something different is needed.

(Now, if you didn't know this already, the moulded breastplate with boob bulges is out, even in a modern, plastic incarnation, as it directs swords towards the breastbone, and the less said about chainmail bikinis the better.)

There's this QP Sports one, and then this fencing one. This padded one probably won't do for swords, although I've done longsword freeplay in just my well-padded gambeson with no ill effects. Unfortunately, I'll never be able to afford full plate armour.

Any ideas? Experiences to share? Anyone out there who's my shape (70 (32) J)?

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